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The tourbillon is not only a visual masterpiece, but it was also designed to ensure precision in timekeeping. To be as accurate as possible and to minimise timing errors, it is important to be able set a tourbillon watch with precision. Rolex Replica Watches has studied the issue and developed a tourbillon with zero-reset and hacking seconds.

Hacking seconds is a function that was born out of the desire to be exact. It's really just like most watchmaking. When you want to set your timepiece, you usually pull out the crown and play with the hour and minute hand positions.Rolex Replica Watches This is the general idea. You'll notice that the watch doesn't stop at all. The crown is only used to disengage the movement from its mechanical friends.

Even though the hour and minute hands have been depowered, you can still see the balance wheel whirring away and the seconds is still moving. Even if the minutes and hours are set with precision, the second hand will still be running. If you are a watch enthusiast who values accurate time display down to the second, then you will be reaching for Xanax.

Manual-wind 1815 Tourbillon L102.1 movement with 3-day power reserve

When synchronising your watch to any timekeeper, a watch that has a hacking second function will stop the entire movement. When you remove the crown, a small brake lever appears and gently presses against the balance wheel to stop it from oscillating. The balance wheel controls everything, so it's possible to stop the entire constellation replica The heart of the timepiece is not just a name.

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