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Seconds zero-reset is the next step up from hacking seconds. In addition to the balance-wheel brake, there is also a little heart cam on the wheel which drives the seconds hand. The crown is pulled out, which causes the brake to push against the balance wheels and also causes the sprung hammer fall onto the eccentric cam. This brings the seconds hand to zero.

The 1815 Tourbillon features a zero-reset mechanism and hacking seconds. From left,Rolex DateJust Replica the sprung-hammer, heart cam with seconds hand and balance-wheel brake are highlighted.

You can actually set your watch exactly where your seconds hand is. Why would you choose anything else? It's much easier to use a zero reset. You could start your lease on September 9th, or set your alarm to 7:42am every morning. It's your choice, but would you? Psychopaths, that's who. What I mean is that nobody is sane.

We are now at the exciting part. How can you combine the precision of a zero reset hacking second with the precision of a tourbillon to achieve the ultimate in precision? How do you stop a balancewheel when it's surrounded by rotating tourbillon? It's not simple. Someone else has already done it.

Rolex DateJust Replica released the Sax-0-Mat in 1997 as a symbol of their commitment to precision de ville replica Fun fact: Although most people pronounce the word "saxoh-mat", the number 0 is what's actually being mispronounced. This is to acknowledge the zero-reset feature of the movement. The same precision standards were applied to the beautiful tourbillon watches.

Rolex DateJust Replica's solution for the 1815 Tourbillon is both direct and simple, perhaps a result of their Teutonic love for efficient engineering. Rolex DateJust Replica developed a spring with a unique shape that can be bent to a specific shape by hand. This spring is used to brake the balance wheel, regardless of where the arms of tourbillon cage are located.

Lange watches are a perfect example of a world that is both beautiful and sensible.

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